Free Toastmasters Club Website Offer Suspended

As of September 1, the offer of a free club website offer as part of the WordPress for Toastmasters project is no longer open to the general public. Sign up for the mailing list if you would like to be informed when it reopens. Write to me if you have ideas about where to find sponsors to underwrite the service:

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The software will remain free to those who want to install it on their own WordPress-powered website (see Hosting Your Own WordPress for Toastmasters Website).

Clubs that signed up for a free website will continue to get it for free (although donations to the project are appreciated). Members of existing sites may login here to create a new site. I am making an exception for them because they have already experienced working with the software and will be easier to support.

I will continue to seek a sponsor or set of advertisers to underwrite the free website offer for all Toastmasters. The idea was always to make it easy for Toastmasters leaders to set up a site as a subdomain of (example: In that scenario, I was able to handle most of the technical details of managing the website and offer direct support to club leaders with varying levels of technical sophistication.

The catch is that now that adoption of the software is taking off, I am running up against the limits of the server resources I can give away for free.

In the absence of a sponsor stepping forward, another possibility would be to switch from “free” to “30 day free trial” for new signups, meaning clubs that see the value in the software but do not want to set up their own independent website would pay a fee like $50 or $75 per year. Would your club’s budget support that?

Write to me at:

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