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Manual/Path: Motivational Strategies Level 5 Demonstrating Expertise

Project: High Performance Leadership - Second Speech

Speech Title:



Speaker Email Address:

Evaluator Email Address:

* The purpose of this project is for the member to apply his or her leadership and planning knowledge to develop a project plan, organize a guidance committee, and implement the plan with the help of a team.
* The purpose of the second speech is for the member to share some aspect of his or her experience completing the project.

Notes for the Evaluator

The member completing this project has committed a great deal of time to developing a plan, forming a team, meeting with a guidance committee, and completing his or her envisioned project.

About this speech:
* The member will deliver an engaging speech about the project he or she completed.
* The speech may be humorous, informational, or presented in any style the member chooses. The style should be appropriate for the content of the speech.
* The speech should not be a report on the content of the "High Performance Leadership" project, but a presentation about the member's plan, goals, and experience completing a project of his or her choosing

You excelled at:

You may want to work on:

To challenge yourself:

Clarity: Spoken language is clear and is easily understood

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Vocal Variety: Uses tone, speed, and volume as tools

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Eye Contact: Effectively uses eye contact to engage audience

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Gestures: Uses physical gestures effectively

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Audience Awareness: Demonstrates awareness of audience engagement and needs

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Comfort Level: Appears comfortable with the audience

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Interest: Engages audience with interesting, well-constructed content

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Topic: Shares some aspect of experience completing the components of the project

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

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