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Manual/Path: Leadership Development Level 3 Increasing Knowledge

Project: Active Listening

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Speaker Email Address:

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The purpose of this project is for the member to demonstrate his or her ability to listen to what others say.

Notes for the Evaluator

The member completing this project is practicing active listening.

At your club meeting today, he or she is leading Table Topics.

Listen for:
A well-run Table Topics session.

As Topicsmaster, the member should make short, affirming statements after each speaker completes an impromptu speech, indicating he or she heard and understood each speaker.

For example, the member may say, "Thank you, Toastmaster Smith, for your comments on visiting the beach.

It sounds like you really appreciate how much your dog loves to play in the water." The goal is for the member to clearly show that he or she listened and can use some of the active listening skills discussed tin the project.

The member completing the project is the ONLY person who needs to show active listening.

The member should not try to teach or have others demonstrate active listening skills.

The member should follow all established protocols for a Table Topics session.

You excelled at:

You may want to work on:

To challenge yourself:

Clarity: Spoken language is clear and is easily understood

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Vocal Variety: Uses tone, speed, and volume as tools

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Eye Contact: Effectively uses eye contact to engage audience

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Comfort Level: Appears comfortable in the role of Topicsmaster

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Active Listening: Responds to specific content after each Table Topics® speech

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Engagement: Shows interest when others are speaking

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Show second language speaker prompts

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