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Manual/Path: Effective Coaching Level 3 Increasing Knowledge

Project: Reaching Consensus - Assignment Option 1

Speech Title:



Speaker Email Address:

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Note: If the member chose to lead a non-Toastmasters group toward consensus, then use the Evaluation Form for
the second assignment option to complete your evaluation.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this project is for the member to work with a group to practice reaching consensus on any topic.
Notes for the Evaluator
Focus your evaluation on the member’s ability to facilitate and maintain a discussion to reach consensus. The time
is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes and at the end of that time, consensus may or may not be reached. Your
evaluation is based on the process of reaching consensus and the member’s ability to work well with a group.
Listen for: A well-facilitated discussion about the topic being discussed. The member should show respect for all
ideas and contributions, regardless of their relevance. The member should give each team member an opportunity
to speak.

You excelled at:

You may want to work on:

To challenge yourself:

Facilitation: Facilitates group meeting well by keeping on task and honoring timeframe

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Inclusivity: Ensures all members of group who want to contribute are able to speak

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Consideration: Considers all ideas, regardless of relevance

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Manage Conflict: Manages any conflict that arises with fairness and respect (select 3 if there is no conflict in the group)

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Support: Supports all team members, regardless of point of view

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

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