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Manual/Path: Effective Coaching Level 1 Mastering Fundamentals

Project: Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language

Speech Title:



Speaker Email Address:

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The purpose of this project is for the member to practice using vocal variety or body language to enhance a speech.
Notes for the Evaluator
During the completion of this project, the member has spent time learning about and practicing their body
language, including gestures and other nonverbal communication along with their vocal variety, including pace,
tone, pitch, and volume.
About this speech:
* The member will present a well-organized speech on any topic.
* Watch for the member’s awareness of their intentional and unintentional movement and body language.Note
* distracting movements as well as movements that enhance the speech.
* The speech may be humorous, informational, or any style the member chooses.
* Use this evaluation for speakers who have indicated they want to be evaluated on body language or body language and vocal variety. If the member has indicated they only want to be evaluated on vocal variety, please use the Speech Profile available on Base Camp.

A separate evaluation form is available for the version of the evaluation that emphasizes vocal variety See Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language - Emphasis on Vocal Variety

You excelled at:

You may want to work on:

To challenge yourself:

Clarity: Spoken language is clear and is easily understood

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Vocal Variety: Uses tone, speed, and volume as tools

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Eye Contact: Effectively uses eye contact to engage audience

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Gestures: Uses physical gestures effectively

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Audience Awareness: Demonstrates awareness of audience engagement and needs

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Comfort Level: Appears comfortable with the audience

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Interest: Engages audience with interesting, well-constructed content

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Unintentional Movement: Unintentional movement is limited and rarely noticeable

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

Purposeful Movement: Speech is strengthened by purposeful choices of movement

5 (Exemplary) 4 (Excels) 3 (Accomplished) 2 (Emerging) 1 (Developing)

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