Create Club Site

Use the form below to create a free, WordPress-powered Toastmasters club website, which will be hosted within the domain (example: You can either make this the official website for your club or use it for testing, prior to setting up an independently hosted site at your own domain using the same software (details).

Initially, your website will not be published (not visible to search engines), giving you time to tinker with the content, share the link privately with other club officers, and decide whether this setup makes sense for you.

Use it or lose it policy: Club websites that have not been published and are not being updated after 90 days will be archived and eventually deleted. In other words, if you are not making use of the site, we will free up space on the server for others to use.

The price of freedom: This service is free, but please consider supporting the WordPress for Toastmasters project with a donation or with advertising if you find it worthwhile. Project expenses include web hosting, plus software and services to improve site performance and security. Clubs might consider reserving $50 in their budget for a donation at the end of the year, knowing they are under no obligation to use that money if they can’t afford it or are dissatisfied with the service.

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