is a Toastmasters website hosting service based on WordPress. You are invited to sign up for a 3-month free trial and see what a full-featured platform for digital marketing and recruiting can do for your club and district. If you are achieving your goals with your club website and decide to keep it, a subscription costs $4.75 per month or $50 per year for basic membership.

A self-service district subscription is $250 per year and includes a 10,000 email per month email marketing package. Web consulting services are also available.

Use Toastmost to:

Some website designs
  • Create richer, deeper website content that ranks better in search engines and tells visitors why they should come to your club and consider joining.
  • Encourage members to sign up for meeting roles.
  • Take advantage of online processes for enrolling members, collecting dues, giving evaluations, voting on awards, and conducting contests.

Toastmasters Website Setup

If you have an account on any Toastmost website, please login before competing this form.

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Websites hosted here have an address like by default, but you can change the address to be a web domain you have registered.

This prefix should be short, but unique — a short version of your club's name or its initials.

City, State, Country - or "online" for online-only clubs

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Choose a Design

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Twenty Twenty-Three TM (Preview)
New! Take advantage of this highly customizable "block theme" (details).
Twenty Twenty-Three Blue (Preview)
New! Another highly customizable "block theme"
Twenty Sixteen TM (Preview)
Custom header image
Twenty Twenty TM (Preview)
Large featured image (different for each page), plus choice of page templates
Twenty Twenty-One TM (Preview)
Large featured image (different for each page), design patterns for fancy layouts
Twenty Twenty-One True Maroon (Preview)
Variation on Twenty Twenty-One with different default colors
Twenty Nineteen TM (Preview)
Large featured image (different for each page)
Twenty Seventeen TM (Preview)
Featured image at top of home page with thinner version on inside pages
Astra TM (Preview)
Basic version of a commercial theme; many design options
Wuqi TM (Preview)
Customizable header image, sidebar
Lectern (Preview)
Header image: choose between "sunray" banners

All Toastmost websites are subject to our hosting policy

This offer is only for Toastmasters clubs and districts.

How Toastmost Club Websites Work

Setting up your site here requires less technical expertise than configuring the software on your own. Your new site will initially be “unpublished” (not advertised in search engines), giving you time to add content and share it privately with other club leaders before going live.

The registration process is:

  1. Sign up for the WordPress for Toastmasters email list (if you haven’t already)
  2. Verify your membership on the email list using the form above (or by clicking on the link in the mailing list confirmation message).
  3. Create your club website and a user account. You will be the site administrator.

If you already have a user account, you can log in with your password and skip to step #3. club websites are free for three months, which should be enough time to figure out if the software makes sense for your club. If you are achieving your goals with your club website and decide to keep it, an annual subscription is $50 USD for the basic membership.

Gold Membership

At $100 USD per year, Gold Membership is for clubs who make an optional, additional investment in the WordPress for Toastmasters project in return for priority support and club-specific enhancements to the design and functionality of their websites. That’s $50 in addition to the basic membership level of $50.

The Fine Print

Toastmost incorporates the free, open source software from the WordPress for Toastmasters project. The WordPress for Toastmasters software itself is available at no cost and will run on any web hosting service that supports WordPress (details). You can also use the free trial for testing, prior to setting up the software elsewhere.

Toastmost has the advantage of offering a pre-configured version of the software, plus hosted services like email discussion lists.

This service is offered “for Toastmasters” but is not provided by or endorsed by Toastmasters International. However, Toastmasters International has reviewed our use of the Toastmasters brand and the structure of this service. hosting plans are managed by Carr Communications Inc, the consulting company of David F. Carr, DTM. Fees collected help cover the costs of operating this service. Donations and sponsor advertisements also help pay the bills.