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Use the form below to create a free, WordPress-powered Toastmasters club website, which will be hosted within the domain (example: You can either make this the official website for your club or use it for testing, prior to setting up an independently hosted site at your own domain using the same software (details).

Initially, your website will not be published (not visible to search engines), giving you time to tinker with the content, share the link privately with other club officers, and decide whether this setup makes sense for you.

Use it or lose it policy: Club websites that have not been published and are not being updated after 90 days will be archived and eventually deleted. In other words, if you are not making use of the site, we will free up space on the server for others to use.

If you already have a password for this site, please sign in first before requesting a new site.

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This must be all one word (no spaces) and ideally should be a fairly short, but unique. It can be a short version of your club's name or perhaps its initials. You will be able to change this later, if necessary, but try to make a final decision before you start publicizing the website -- your address is an important part of your club identity.

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About WordPress for Toastmasters

Lectern theme's utility for adding Toastmasters-branded banners.
Customizing a website’s appearance with Toastmasters-branded banners.

The WordPress for Toastmasters website offers much more detail about why using WordPress as the foundation results in a better website. The short version: as a standard platform for managing websites, WordPress gives your club access to professional-grade online publishing and marketing tools. We’ve customized it to add Toastmasters-specific branding and functionality such as meeting role signups.

Hosting your site at is the simplest option (particularly for non-techies), similar to what Free Toast Host supports with

If you get more ambitious, it’s also possible for your club to host an independent website using the same (free) software.

Terms: Club websites hosted at are supported at no charge, underwritten by the sponsors of the WordPress for Toastmasters project.

Unpublished sites that have not been updated for more than 3 months may be deleted. You will receive an email notice that your site has been scheduled for deletion and will have an opportunity to request an extension, if you are still testing it.

WordPress for Toastmasters operates as a project of Carr Communications Inc. It is not intended as a profit-making venture, but will ultimately need to be self-sustaining. Revenue from advertising and donations will be used to offset web hosting costs, or invest in upgrades.